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The Best Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag Dupes From £10

Louis Vuitton coussin dupes

So we have scoured the internet to bring you the best Louis Vuitton coussin bag dupes on the high street.

The Louis Vuitton coussin bag, according to fashion magazines, is the most searched Louis Vuitton bag right now. Upon making it’s first debut in Louis Vuitton’s Spring Summer 2021 show, it has been a hit ever since in the fashion world.

On my way to get my morning coffee at 9AM on the streets of London, I spotted a Louis Vuitton coussin bag. It’s LV print was so bold, and the chunky chain complimented it nicely. It was styled with a pair of jeans, and a blue long sleeve top. It was a vey chic look indeed, so I began searching more eon the LV coussin bag, only to find it’s original retail price to be £3,300!

Louis Vuitton coussin dupes
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Even for Louis Vuitton, that is extremely extortionate. I knew this was one of Louis Vuitton’s popular bags, so it is without a doubt other fashionistas would like to achieve the same look of the LV Coussin bag, without spending a fortune.

Therefore, I was prompted to find the best Louis Vuitton coussin bag dupes I could possibly find. To find the Louis Vuitton coussin bag alternatives, I was looking out for a few things. the square shape design of the bag, including 2 double compartments. I was also looking for the famous chain strap the LV coussin bag is known for.

And we were successful. We have found the best Louis Vuitton coussin bag dupes from retailers like DHGate, Aliexpress, who are the best sites for designer dupes globally. Additionally, we also found LV coussin bag lookalikes from high street retailers like EGO & more, from just £29!

Ready to dive into the LV coussin bags dupes?

Shop Louis Vuitton Cousin Bag Dupes


These are the best Louis Vuitton coussin bag dupes lookalike on DHGate. Available in 7 colours, this bag has been ordered over 900+ times, with over 800+ positive image reviews. Shop with confidence. PS, I even bought the black one! 😍

SHOP: DHGate black LV coussin inspired bag, £98

How To Style Your Black LV Coussin Bag

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☁️ Winter Style Inspo: Pair your black LV coussin bag dupe with ASOS grey jeans (£45), VEJA comfy black trainers (£140) and a Mango knit cardigan, (£35) Swap out the trainers for heels and cardigan for a blouse in the evening and you’re set for dinner, or drinks.


These are the 2ND bestselling LV coussin bag dupes on DHGate. With over 932+ positive image feedback, customers are extremely satisfied with the quality and style of this coussin bag lookalike. Shop with confidence! 💌

SHOP: DHGate LV coussin inspired bag, £76

How To Style Your White LV Coussin Bag

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☀️ Summer Style Inspo: Pair your white LV coussin bag dupe with H&M high waist denim shorts, (£19.99) TheFrankieShop white shirt, (£70) & a straw hat. Why not complete your look with our Hermès sandals dupes? You’re going to be the most stylish in the room!


Louis Vuitton coussin dupes
This brown bag from EGO is the definition of a statement bag. I could think of MANY outfits this bag could go with: a brown wool coat or blazer, jeans and a tee, and all black outfit! 🤎

SHOP: EGO brown patterned faux leather bag, £24.99


I particularly like the black chunky chain on this green bag. Style this bag with a mini leather dress, this green bag, and black ankle boots. Why not wear it with our Prada Monolith boots dupes? You’re looking to look so good! 😍

SHOP: EGO green quilted chain strap bag, £7.99


This pink bag is an excellent pop of colour to any outfit. Style this look with an all white, or all black outfit, or you could match it up with something pink, like our pink Versace platforms dupes.

SHOP: EGO pink quilted chain strap bag, £7.99

Louis Vuitton Coussin Style Inspo

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