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The psychology behind designer ‘dupes’ is that e-commerce is a huge market with consumers always looking for the best products to buy. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to look good.

We are particularly intrigued by the beauty, tech, lifestyle and luxury fashion market, and are highly knowledgeable about luxury trends in the market, however, luxury today comes at a huge cost. The term ‘dupe’ is coined by the retail market to mean: “an affordable alternative to a product”.

We have created a community where fashion, beauty, makeup & tech lovers can come to one place – thebestdupes.com to find dupes of their favourite products, at an affordable price. Whether it’s the latest Prada boots (priced at £1,500), the iconic Chanel classic flap bag (priced at £6,000), the Dyson hoover (priced at £600), thebestdupes.com is the place our readers come to find a product similar or inspired by the original designer, but for a more affordable price. Thus, our consumers can feel like they are not missing out because we find product dupes that cater to all their needs.


We never recommend something we wouldn’t buy ourselves.


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This image belongs to thebestdupes.com


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This image belongs to thebestdupes.com