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The Best Chanel Tweed Clothing Dupes From £24

chanel clothing dupes

So we have scoured the high street market to find you the best Chanel tweed clothes & jacket dupes from just £24. Keep reading to find out more.

Name a more iconic brand than Chanel, I’ll wait.

Recognisable from a mile away, Chanel’s classic design entails of timelessness, chic and classy details that sets it apart from other luxury brands.

Chanel clothing, in particular, its ‘classic’ pieces (jackets), comprises of sophisticated tweed blends that make it such a statement piece. Spotted on the likes of a global fashionista, Rihanna, there is no occasion the Chanel jacket isn’t made for.

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Whether it’s popping to grocery store like Riri does, or heading to dinner with friends, Riri has proved that your styling opportunities are endless with the Chanel jacket.

Designed by Coco Chanel in 1954, the Chanel jacket was made with the intention to free women from constraint of the ‘cinched in waist’ silhouettes women had to wear with corsets. She intended to make women feel at ease, still emphasise femininity, and then, the Chanel tweed jacket was born.

In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel and re-revolutionised the Chanel jacket, cropping its length and expanding its shoulders to give it a sophisticated look that is loved by millions till this day.

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As of 2023, a Chanel tweed jacket retails for £6,830. That’s practically half of a salary. It’s timeless appeal paired with impeccable workmanship makes it truly a work of art, which gives it so much value. However, it’s safe to mention that year after year, Chanel’s prices go up making their pieces more sought after & costly to get.

The Chanel jacket also became a star fave amongst Emily from Emily in Paris. And girl, have we got the dupes for you 💚

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The Chanel tweed jacket is the jacket that launched all other tweed jackets, as season after season, high street brands have been known to come out with their own alternatives and lookalikes. Brands like H&M, River Island, and even Sister Jane, to name a few, are known to debut Chanel tweed jacket dupes and lookalikes for a fraction of the price.

These Chanel clothes dupes are so good, I even picked up a few for myself that I have paired this winter season. That’s right fashionistas, we’ve got you – and we will also show you how to style your Chanel clothes dupes.

PS, Why not style your Chanel clothes dupe with our Chanel classic flap bag dupes? It comes with the Chanel logo & looks just like the real thing!

We have scoured the internet to find the best Chanel clothes dupes and Chanel tweed jacket dupes on the high street market from just £24.99!

Let’s take a look at these dupes.

Chanel Tweed Jacket Dupes

Over 1,000 orders and positive image feedback, this is one of the bestselling Chanel inspired clothes right now. Seller has 95% positive feedback. PS, I even ordered one for myself!

SHOP: Aliexpress luxury tweed two piece set, £26

chanel clothing dupes

SHOP: H&M Boucle tweed jacket, £24.99

Pair it with the matching tweed skirt, (£34.99).

Over 200+ orders, and 5 star rating, this is a bestseller on Aliexpress for Chanel tweed lookalike jacket. Available in size S, M, L, with positive image feedback. Picking up one for myself too!

SHOP: Aliexpress high quality Chanel inspired jacket, £20

Chanel tweed jacket dupes

SHOP: H&M white classy boucle jacket, £34

SHOP: Sister Jane pink paradise tweed jacket, £59

SHOP: Black frayed tweed pocket detail jacket, £82

chanel tweed dupe jacket

SHOP: Aliexpress red classic tweed blazer with gold buttons, £26

chanel tweed set dupe

SHOP: SHEIN tweed plaid jacket & skirt set, £32.99

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: SHEIN black tweed jacket with gold buttons, £55

SHOP: Sister Jane pearled ivory tweed jacket, £99

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: SHEIN tweed grey jacket with gold buttons, £50.99

SHOP: Massimo Dutti white textured with gold buttons, £149

chanel tweed jacket dupe

SHOP: SHEIN tweed plaid pattern jacket & skirt set, £23.99

SHOP: SHEIN Tweed prince cut jacket & skirt set, £26.99

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: Sister Jane marble tweed jacket, £119

SHOP: H&M black tweed boucle jacket, £34.99

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: Massimo Dutti textured white jacket, £189

SHOP: Massimo Dutti red tweed belted jacket, £169

SHOP: Sister Jane coral pink tweed jacket, £210

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: Laredoute classic fit tweed jacket, £95 £57

Chanel clothes dupes

SHOP: Sister Jane black tweed midi skirt, £150

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: Sister Jane black tweed top, £175

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: SHEIN white tweed blazer and classy skirt set, £36.49

Chanel dress dupes

SHOP: H&M button front boucle dress, £34.99

SHOP: Sister Jane white mini tweed dress, £129

Chanel tweed clothing dupes

SHOP: Sister Jane black and white tweed dress, £210

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Written by Naya Bailey

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