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The Best Jaded London Clothing Dupes From £5

Jaded LDN tops, jeans, skirts, playsuits dupes – we found it all.

Jaded London dupes

So we have scoured the internet to find you the best Jaded London dupes on the market, from just £5. These Jaded London clothing dupes look identical to the real thing, but for a mega fraction of the price.

Jaded London is a Y2K, retro store that sells both men and women clothing, however, we would be focusing on the women clothing. Prices on Jaded London are relatively expensive for the target consumer (girls aged 13 – 35), as a crop top retails for about £45, which you might like the style of, but might not necessarily be looking to pay that price for a top.

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As Jaded London’s popularity grows, known for it’s cool, matrix, ‘Y2K theme’ clothing, other brands have been inspired by this trend and we have picked out the best Jaded London dupes for women from just £4.

Let’s dive into the dupes!

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Jaded London playsuit dupes:

1. This playsuit is a best-seller on Jaded London, to the point it has actually sold out. It is available in different colours. Pair it with some sneakers, knee high boots and a small bag for a cute outfit. Accessorise with some hair-clips to complete your look. 🌸

Jaded London dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded London pink playsuit, £11

This playsuit from Aliexpress is available in 4 colours, in size S, M, L, XL. It has been purchased over 600+ times, with over 200 positive reviews. This seller has 95% positive feedback.

2. The fun playsuit is also available in a lime green. Style yours with a green or white bag, or a similar colour palette. Opt for some Jordans. You can wear this out to the cinema, outing with friends, park, sport events, or even a cute Instagram photoshoot! 🌼💚

Jaded London dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded LDN style playsuit, £7.80

3. This playsuit is also available in a fun blue colour, which is perfect to kickstart your spring and summer this season. Pair yours with cute retro blue sunglasses and hoop earrings like the model below. This can be easily styled with trainers, or some boots. Wear it under sheer tights for an extra cover up 💙🦋

Jaded London blue playsuit dupe

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded LDN style playsuit, £11.45

4. This Jaded 805 Black & swirl printed fluff playsuit is one of their bestsellers, however, it retails for £50, but luckily we’ve found the exact dupe for £7! The black & white is an easy colour to style as it goes with almost anything in your closet. Style yours with some vans, white trainers, or even ankle boots 🖤🤍

Jaded London 805 playsuit dupe

SHOP: Aliexpress 805 black & swirl fluff playsuit, £7.30

This seller has 93% positive feedback on Aliexpress. This is a new product, so it has 15 orders, and 5 stars positive reviews.

Jaded London top dupes:

These are one of the coolest Y2K tops ever made, by Jaded. We have found a top quite similar to theirs. Style it with green corduroy pants for a cool look, if you dare. 😍💚

Jaded London dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress green light tank top, £4.55

These Jaded London heatmap torso print dupe top retails for £25 on their site. However, we’ve found the identical dupe for just £6! Be the talk of the town in this statement Y2K top. 🦋

Jaded London dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded LDN boob tank top, £6.32

How To Style Yours:
Style your inverted top, with the matching inverted jeans (£11.80). Pair it with some orange Nike Jordans, or even trainers of your choice. Throw on a black coat to balance the colours.
via. Jaded London.

This Jaded two-piece is another statement look, which is perfect for you to kickstart your summer in. Would you believe the top on Jaded site retails for £35 and the skirt retails for £38?! Luckily, we have found this dupe where the top and skirt, both retail for only £14! Shop it below.

Jaded London dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded LDN 3 piece knitted set, £14.40

How To Style Yours:
Style yours with the matching skirt and some black or white knee high boots. For a casual look, throw on some khaki pants like pictured below, and your favourite sneakers. Opt for some Jordans or Nike shoes for a trendy look.

This Jaded Medusa top dupe is high-key giving us Mugler vibes! it is very retro, very stylish, and something Bella Hadid would wear. Also comes with a matching skirt. 🤎🔥

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded Medusa top dupe & skirt, £10.35

Jaded London honey jeans dupes:

These low rise jeans are the coolest jeans we’ve seen in a while. However, they retail for £65 on Jaded’s site, we have found them for £30 on Aliexpress and they are such good quality!

Jaded London jeans dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded LDN style honey print jeans, £30

How To Style Yours:
Style your black honey print jeans with a plain white tee, or a black tee. You can also pick a colourway on the jeans, e.g, blue, or orange, then style your jeans with a blue or orange top. Have fun with it! 💙🧡

These are hands down the coolest pants we’ve seen all year. They are the true embodiment of Y2K style. Your friends will compliment you for days if you pick up a pair of these!

Jaded London jeans dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress inverted light denim trousers, £11.80

Jaded London tracksuit dupes:

Jaded London tracksuit dupes

SHOP: Aliexpress Jaded style tracksuit set, £18.70

This ‘pink’ tracksuit set is inspired by Jaded London. It has been bought over 2,100 times, with 500+ positive reviews. Seller has 96% positive reviews. This set is so cute, I actually picked up one for myself! Selling very fast.

SHOP: Aliexpress ‘auburn’ Jaded style tracksuit set, £18.70

SHOP: Aliexpress ‘blue’ Jaded style tracksuit set, £18.70

SHOP: Aliexpress ‘green’ Jaded style tracksuit set, £18.70

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