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The Best Apple Airpods Dupes From Just £20

The best tried and tested Airpods dupes.

So we have scoured the internet to bring you the best Apple Airpods dupes on the market from just £20.

It’s safe to say, Airpods have been a widely sought after accessory, especially since the memes flooded the internet recently of how good people felt owing a pair of them. They’re basically wireless headphones that sit nicely in your ear.

However, these fancy Airpods come with a price tag of £159 for the first generation Airpods, and £259 for the second generation airpods.

Today we have picked out some of the best Airpods dupes you can buy today in 2021. These AirPods dupes have been selected from the top #1 trending and high quality AirPods sellers on Amazon. Ready to have the AirPods experience without over-paying? Let’s get into some of these AirPods dupes.

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Best overall airpods

  1. Ranked No.5 on Amazon just after the original Airpods, this is the top selling Airpods dupes on the market with over 10,000 sold.
Brand: Yobola Store6,325+ ratings
Size: 4 GramsOver 1,000 sold
Compatibility: iPhone, iPhone, Android, PC and MacSame day shipping
Battery life: 25 hours.
Premium audio quality
Water resistant, touch & volume control & microphone

SHOP: Amazon Wireless white earbuds, £22.99

Best AirPods for battery life

2. These AirPods are one of the top selling AirPods from Amazon with over 1,000 sold. It is a stereo sounding and sweat-proof with 35 hours battery life.

Brand: PRTUKYT726+ ratings
Dimensions: 112 GramOver 1,000 sold
Battery life: 35 hours.
High Fidelity Sound Quality
Same day shipping
Airpods dupes 2021

SHOP: Amazon Wireless white earbuds, £20.99

3. Best AirPods

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