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Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Bottega Veneta Bag Is Perfect For You

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    Socially, how would you describe yourself?

    • Extrovert
    • Introvert
    • Introverted extrovert. It takes time to warm up to people
    • It depends if I like you. I can be extroverted and introverted when I want to be
    • Friendly with almost anyone
    • Honestly, I need a lil’ vodka to loosen up
    • Not very social. I am reserved
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    What colours do you tend to wear the most?

    • Bright colours: red, yellow, blue
    • Pastel colours: baby blue, rose gold, lime green, baby purple
    • Warm colours: red, orange, brown, yellow
    • Gold or silver only
    • Dark colours: black, grey
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    What would you wear on a first date?

    • Something romantic. Red dress, heels, lipstick
    • Something flirty. Mini dress, lip gloss, high heels
    • Something classy. Midi dress, jumpsuit or pencil skirt, and stilettos
    • Something sophisticated. Blazer, leather jacket, maybe a cute trench coat
    • Something comfortable. Jeans or a maxi dress. I like to cover up a lil’ more
    • Something colourful. Bright green, yellow, or purple dress
    • Something comfy. After my date, I might have other plans with friends after (sleepover)
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    What size of bags do you prefer?

    • Big bags please. I have a lot of essentials.
    • Shoulder bags. I only carry my phone, keys and cards
    • Mini bags. I love small, cute bags
    • Pouch bags. I love the design of them.
    • Top handle bags. Simple & elegant.
    • Shoulder bags with chain, definitely
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    How important is art in your life?

    • I buy and own a lot of art work.
    • It’s OK. I like looking at art, but never bought them
    • Very! I love attending art gallery openings
    • Somewhat. I don’t hate it, but not crazy over it.
    • I don’t like art too much
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    How much would you spend on a designer bag?

    • £500 – £800
    • £800 – £1000
    • £1000 – £1300
    • £1000 – £1500
    • £1500 – £2000+
    • £2000 – £3000+
    • £2000 – £2500
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    Which celebrity is your ultimate style icon?

    • Rihanna
      Rihanna via @diggzy
    • Hailey Bieber
      via. Pinterest
    • Beyoncé
    • Zendaya
    • Victoria Beckham
      via. gettyimages
    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Kendall Jenner
    • Kim Kardashian

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